A chilly pairs session

February 3rd, 2012 by

Karl & Ian A freezing session today – a balmy 0deg C – Karl and Ian had ridden at Swinley a few times before, but mentioned that they were struggling with the bermed corners, and maintaining the speeds. After basic bike and kit check we headed out towards the trails. Initial 30mins was spent assessing and correcting basic body positioning, bike set up, braking techniques and cornering. Once we’d removed a few old habits, and got them thinking about how they were riding we were then on the linked corners in the single-track.

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Here we focused more on the looking and foot work, as well as discussing the various line choices through the corners. Moving on to Stickler trail, we then focused on the switchback, where both of them realised that after a bit of practicing, that the “looking through the corner” towards the exit was the thing that would get them around the corner, and not be drawn towards all those visual distractions. Just to cement all the cornering work we then completed the 3 larger berms on Stickler 2, as well as experimenting with the line choice through a couple of linked corners. From here we headed off to The Tank Traps, and introduced the concept of pumping and gaining momentum and speed from the trails. A short hack through the expert area and onto the pump track – where we concentrated on the techniques to get the bike to flow along the track with minimal pedalling. Both Ian and Karl mastered the concept of the pumping, and agreed they’d need more time with practicing, as time was getting short. We had a quick hack up to the top of the Wall, followed by a blast down Dear Stalker to finish off the session. Key learning points for them foot work and looking, and that black art of pumping… All in all a great session, even though it was minus figures – hope to see you guys out on the trails sometime soon.

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