Matt’s Skills Session

October 19th, 2013 by

Matt came out for a skills session as he has an off-road duathlon race in a month’s time and wanted to get to grips with the riding skills needed on a mountain bike oppose to a road bike. We covered the basic safety checks and briefing before heading out to the trails. We spent a short

while just focusing on the control position and bike set-up. We discussed the idea of

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the platform for your feet, and how you adjust this as the terrain becomes steeper, while still focusing on the “under rotation” Basic cornering followed; here we introduced a few techniques to help with the corners. We changed his body position to a more balanced set up, as well as using the hips and heels to increase the corner grip and control. Matt picked this up really quickly and was becoming more confident that when you lean the bike over, so long as you have your body weight in the correct place the tyres give loads of grip.

Matt learning the fundamentals to cornering

Matt learning the fundamentals to cornering

We went to the four corners to link the cornering together with quick transitions and introducing the importance of looking.
Matt - Good body position & looking for exit

Matt – Good body position & looking for exit

After linking the four corners together, we had a short blast along the Blue trail to Stickler. The bermed corners were then utilised to further work develop the “looking” aspects of the corners, getting Matt to consider the apex of the corner and then scanning through the exit.
Matt - Ooops, bit of brain frazzle

Matt – Ooops, bit of brain frazzle

We then introduced a bit of pumping so Matt could gain free speed just by using the energy he put into his bike. Matt picked this up well and could feel his bike accelerate when he got the timing right.
Matt - Pumping the trails

Matt – Pumping the trails

Moving on to the tight bermed corners in Stickler initially proved a bit of a challenge, returning to old habits, but after a few runs through Matt had mastered it.
Matt - Back to old habits!

Matt – Back to old habits!

Matt - Nice one! :-)

Matt – Nice one! 🙂

We came back via the delights of the Blue run, enjoying the large bermed corners and a few of the bumps along the way. Good Luck with the Duathlon. Sarah 🙂