Schools/Colleges Bike Events

Not all students like taking part in the traditional sports offered on a school/college curriculum. So, why not introduce a new activity and offer students a truly unique and exhilarating experience with mountain biking.

Mountain Bike Tuition are “Go MTB” instructors and can offer skills sessions at your school/college or at Swinley Forest either as a one off “taster session” or as a module working towards the Mountain Biking Proficiency Award by Cycling Scotland.

GO MTB – Mountain Biking Proficiency Award covers such things as:

  • off road bike skills
  • caring for the environment
  • respecting and looking out for others
  • nutrition and healthy eating
  • bike maintenance

The videos below is from St Neots Prep School where we work with them as part of their Sports Enrichment Programme.

Click here for a copy of our Mountain Bike Tuition Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

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